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  • G.R. Reddy Nagar, Saket RoadKapra, ECIL Post

  • info@alltronix.in

  • Plot No.20, Amulya Homes

  • G.R. Reddy Nagar, Saket RoadKapra, ECIL Post

  • info@alltronix.in

  • Plot No.20, Amulya Homes

  • G.R. Reddy Nagar, Saket RoadKapra, ECIL Post


Robotics – Process & Automation

Customized Solutions

Are you looking for a flexible, modular, and economical solution for your processes? With the R-Cell, Supfina presents an innovative robotic cell that easily meets all these requirements. In the modular cell, a large number of components can be arranged entirely according to your own needs and, thanks to the flexible design, can also be expanded or adapted at any time.

This ensures increased flexibility and quicker reaction times and offers great potential for savings thanks to efficient production in a compact space.

Your Partner

for Surface Finishing

From attachments that are mounted to a machine to fully automated manufacturing cells – Supfina can help you.

Depending on your task, a wide variety of machining, testing, measuring, and handling can be integrated. The possibilities are almost limitless.

  • Superfinishing with stone, tape or cupwheel
  • Polishing, deburring, brushing, cleaning
  • Use of conventional and super abrasive tools (CBN/diamond)
  • Shaping grinding processes
  • Fine grinding
  • Automation
  • Geometric measurement of components, optical quality control

R-Cell Compact

Flexibility within a small space

The R-Cell compact machining cell offers you a wide range of machining options for your workpieces for robot-based shaping and surface processes.

Components of small to medium size can flexibly be brought to the desired quality using this solution. Moreover, workpieces of different materials and component features are possible.

  • Highest demands on surface and geometry
  • Multi-stage machining
  • Workpiece or tool guided processes
  • Force-controlled and -regulated machining
  • Simple changeover


Performance and Quality

A modular design and high performance in terms of workpiece geometry, process, and precision enable flexible and cost-effective output.

Whether dry machining or processes cooled by cooling lubricant, the R-Cell offers all possibilities for effective and precise robot-assisted machining of your components.

  • Power-intensive processes
  • Flexibility through modularity
  • Traceable process safety
  • Maximum work safety (operation and environment)

Hand Tools

From forged parts to a precision tool

Value in hand tools is defined by function, precision, and handling.

Producing these quality standards from forged blanks requires expertise, experience, and technology. Together with you, Supfina develops processes to offer manufacturers of hand tools the corresponding added value.

Door Handles

Touching Perfection

Surface, shape, and feel are key selling points in the consumer goods sector.

This is where Supfina's robotic process solutions offer its customers unique selling points and competitive advantages.