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  • info@alltronix.in

  • Plot No.20, Amulya Homes

  • G.R. Reddy Nagar, Saket RoadKapra, ECIL Post

  • info@alltronix.in

  • Plot No.20, Amulya Homes

  • G.R. Reddy Nagar, Saket RoadKapra, ECIL Post


Economical Fine Grinding

with Proven Supfina Precision

No matter your workpiece properties, the Supfina Spiro offers an ideal fine grinding solution for your most stringent tolerance and material requirements.

We work closely with you to determine your wants and needs and fine a solution based on your budget. Precision without compromise, it’s our lifelong promise.

Spiro Line

Key Features

  • High drive performance
  • Maximum flexibility for many applications
  • Individually customizable for optimal machining results
  • Reduced tool wear thanks to the low-vibration machine stand and guard
  • High-precision, noncontact measurement control
  • Visual process control for consistently high precision
  • User-friendly and intuitive operation
  • Great accessibility

Spiro F5

Compact Design, Great Performance

The Supfina Spiro F5 was specially developed for fine grinding smaller workpieces that require highly precise plane parallelism. It’s the perfect fit for your needs.

  • 100-program storage
  • Integrated sharpening programs
  • Up to seven process cycles
  • Optional loading table
Workpiece Specifications  
Wheel Diameter 445 / 475 mm
Ring width 120 / 150 mm
Maximum Pressure 300 daN
Workpiece Diameter 4 – 150 mm
Workpiece Thickness 0,3 – 50 mm

Spiro F7

Fine Grinding in Large-scale Production

The flexible Spiro F7 fine-grinding machine is ideal for creating precise flat surfaces on workpieces made from a wide variety of materials.

  • Memory for 192 programs
  • Rigid machine concept
  • User-friendly, thanks to visual-process control
Workpiece Specifications  
Wheel Diameter 720 mm
Ring width 200 mm
Maximum Pressure 1800 daN
Workpiece Diameter 5 – 220 mm
Workpiece Thickness 0,6 – 80 mm
Workpiece Specifications  
Wheel Diameter 1160 mm
Ring width 341 mm
Maximum Pressure 3000 daN
Workpiece Diameter 6 – 420 mm
Workpiece Thickness 1 – 100 mm

Spiro F12

For Large Workpieces

Our largest Spiro machine is designed to process workpieces with diameters of 6 mm to 420 mm and with special height, parallelism, and flatness requirements, all with high precision and cost-effectiveness.

  • Energy-efficient, low-maintenance drive concept
  • Very good accessibility
  • User-friendly, thanks to visual-process control
  • Flexible connection to different loading systems

Advantages of using a Torque Motor

  • Energy efficient with very high initial torque
  • No vibration due to geared components
  • Direction change without backlash or loss of motion
  • New machining sequences possible
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • No gear oil required
  • Smaller footprint
  • Maximum rigidity