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Engineering Products

Test & Measurement Instruments

LAN /Fibre optic Test Equipment 0

Amplifiers/ GPS systems 0

Function Generators/ Oscilloscope 0

Lab Equipments /tools 0

Caliberation Instruments

Spectrum Analyzers

Multimeters / MEGGER 0

Power supplies

Digital Microscopes / Telescope 0

Altimeter TRA3000

Clamp Meter

Digital Multi Meter

Insulation Tester

Oscilloscope Higher Range


Lab Instruments


GPS System


Microscope Stereo

Raaco Drawer

Rework Station Metcal

Rework Station

Rework Station1

Resoldering Station

Soldering Station

Weller Station


Special Material

3M tape

Cable Tie

Contact Cleaner


MRO Products

Altimeter 0

Spares for Avoinic Application 0

Special 3M Tapes 0

Contact Cleaner

Cable Ties 0

Silicon Lubricant


Molykote Seperator Spray

Power Tools





Electrical & Electronics 0

Muffel Furnace & Hot Air Oven 0

Potentiometers & Encoders 0

Soldering Work Stations 0

Components Drawers & cabinate racks 0

Spectrometer/ All meters & Testers 0

Power Tools/Tool Kits 0

Wires and Wiring accessories 0

UPS/ Air dryer/ Clean room application 0

Safety Products-Glass/shoes/Body safety 0



Automation & Process Control 0

Humidity Chambers

Pneumatics (Cylinders/Valves)

Process Control, Timer/Counters

RF Control products

Limit Switchs (EX-Proof)





Medical Products

Gynocology Related Instruments

Portable Ultrasound Machine

Fetal Monitor


Fetal Doppler

Fetal Monitor - Bionet

GE Logiq 100 Pro

Patient Care

ABG Analyzer

AED Plus and AED Pro cat

Bellavista Ventilator

BIPAP Machine

Coagulometer Clindiag

R Series Family Defeb

Spirometer Star


General Laboratory Instruments

(Cardiac Instruments) 0

ECG Machine 0

Defibrillator 0

Cautery and Surgical Diathermy

REFEB Forcefx

Refeb Valleylab Force 40

Refeb Valleylab Force 2

Refeb Valleylab Force fx


Other Instruments 0

Spirometer 0

Ventilator 0

CPAP Machine 0

BIPAP Machine 0

Medical Equipments 0

Biochemestry / Blood gas Analyzers 0

ECG Machine 0

Defibrillators 0

Ventilators / Spirometer 0

Syring/Infusion Pumps 0

Portable Ultrasound scanner 0

Colposcope / Fetal Monitor 0




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